Welcome! Was the offense ever this bad last year? Not often.

The data hasn’t updated yet with the calamity that was Thursday’s loss, but yes - the offense is bad. (Update Actually this is going to update randomly whenever I update the data here, which is not the same as when I updat the data in the apps. Using R markdown documents that render on the fly may not have been a great choice) The offense didn’t have very many 10 game stretches this bad in 2017. Their wOBA is .300 for the 10 games ending May 2. Though, I think the wOBA should tick up once I get the game log for the May 3 loss, the Astros at least scored more than 0 runs….

You can tweak this plot interactively on the Rolling Averages app. Right now a variety of plotting apps all appear on the same document but I plan to separate them out soon.