Offensive woes continue, but now on the road

Maybe the offense is just strugling, regardless of at home or road? The Astros are averaging 1.76 more runs per game on the road than at home, and we’ve all been waiting for things to “average out” - i.e. for the home numbers to improve.

However the start of the road series visiting the Angels led to only the Astros’ third loss when giving up 2 runs. They’re 23-4 when pitchers allow 2 runs or less. Yet, someone it sure doesn’t feel like it. Astros managed a meager 6 hits and 1 run.

Offense by RA

I want to see this plot flatten out by more runs in the valley - not by the peaks getting smaller. I assumed the trick to averaging out this graph was the offense firing up when the pitchers give up 3 or 4 runs. Not that they’d start scoring less when giving up 2.

Here’s the thing about the Astros - despite a maddenly inconsistent offense, they’re still 26-17 with a pythagorean projected record of 32-11. Assuming the starters keep this going, the bats will wake up and the Astros’ best baseball in 2018 is ahead of them.