Can anyone hit at home?

Not really, no.

WRC Plus Home and Road

Only Astros who seem to have it together at home are Reddick and Fisher. I won’t call Jake Marisnick’s 61 WRC+ at home “having it together” though it is better than his -11 on the road.

WRC Plus Team

So, with all those players not hitting at home, no wonder we have arguably the worse offense in baseball when we play at Minute Maid (WRC+ really punishes the Rockies, for example. Their home wOBA is better than ours but the park effects correction makes our WRC+ look better)

Now this is 20 home games out of 81. I’m … somewhat confident they get it together in Houston at some point. The offense is clearly capable of doing well. Maybe they should just start closing the roof all the time…

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